Poker Bonus Information

If you’ve ever visited an online poker website you have no doubt been immediately directed to ‘”Register Now!” with a flashing “Sign Up Now and Get $$$$!” graphic or a big pop-up window forcing you to download the software so you can grab a big bonus before you even get a chance to look at the site.

There’s a lot more to poker bonuses than just the maximum bonus amount, which is why we’re here to help you decide what to look for in an online poker sign up bonus offer. Specifically, we want you to find the bonuses that are best for you.

You might think that finding this information would be easy. Just browse the poker rooms’ websites and you’ll get all the information you need to know. Sounds like a plan, but the truth is most poker rooms don’t actually spend a lot of time making their websites user-friendly, let alone overly informative. And even the ones that do assume you know enough to navigate around to find out what you need, which won’t be the case for most new online poker players. Plus, when it comes to comparing one poker room to another, it can be apples-to-oranges because every room offers different bonus terms, clearance rates, expiry conditions, payout increments, etc.


That’s why we’re here – to help you get just the key information you need, and weed out the stuff that isn’t going to help you achieve your goal – making the most bonus money possible at online poker tables!


Our poker bonus information is grouped by general topic. If you are new to online poker, we recommend you start with the Poker Bonus FAQ and work your way down:


  1. Poker Bonus FAQ

  2. Poker Bonus Basics

  3. Poker Bonus Essentials

  4. Online Poker Room Selection

  5. Playing Online Poker

  6. The Online Poker Room

  7. Poker Game Variations