Privacy Policy

As a user of PokerBonuses, there will be certain instances in which we must collect your email address and other miscellaneous information in order to provide you service.

When signing up for our rakeback program or monthly newsletter, you will be required to provide your email address, which is needed to send you the initial verification email and any subsequent notifications if you decide to cancel your registration and/or unsubscribe. offers rakeback through To verify tracking, administer your rakeback, check stats or to participate in our rake chases, rake races and freerolls, you must register an account and provide a full name and email address. Mailing address is an optional field that is rarely used for verification purposes. The email address that is submitted is used for initial verification and our monthly newsletter, which you have the option of not signing up for. Users may also unsubscribe at any time with no hassle. will under no circumstance compromise your privacy. PokerBonuses will never give away personal information to a third party or use your contact information for any other purposes. This means that any email addresses, names and any other personal information collected when signing up for our newsletters or rakeback will not be shared or used for a purpose that is unknown to the user.